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Carcassonne Android Apk Game Download

Carcassonne Android Apk Game,Just a few years after its release, the kit Carcassonne (Game of the Year 2001 in Germany, among other awards) and has become a modern classic you can not miss. Turn by turn, players place the pieces of territory and form a map with cities, cloisters, roads and fields. Players earn points by placing their followers: knights, monks, thieves and farmers. The player with the highest score will win the game. The landscape will change with each game, so it will be more exciting. With the official expansion "The River II" and 12 new challenges, will not have time to get bored! Play against cunning opponents in the game or up to four friends in the local multiplayer mode. Requirements: Android v1.6
Carcassonne Android Apk GameCarcassonne Android Game
Carcassonne Android Apk Game features:
- Mobile version of the award winning game pieces "Carcassonne."
- Includes the official expansion "The River II".
With 12 challenges.
- Clever opponents with individual strategies.
- Multiplayer mode for up to 5 local players.
- Tutorial and manual for beginners.

Carcassonne Android Apk Game Download
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